Welcome to our New Page!

To our new visitors, hello! To those migrating here from our old website, welcome back!

We’ll be starting from scratch here so our current clients may see some info repeated, but we’ll try to be careful not to repeat ourselves too much. Moving along…how about an introduction?

My name is Kim, and I’m the owner of StoryTime Soap Shoppe, where we hand craft soap, bath bombs, body butters, candles, and so much more. My partner in crime is my daughter, Jordan. She pops up on camera (against her will) from time to time. But if you live local and make it into the store, she’ll probably be the one that greets you and answers any questions she has. I think she’s pretty awesome, but I am biased.

We’ll get into ingredients further in a future post, but suffice it to say when you switch to a bar of soap made from an alkaline mixed with plant based oils, your skin will immediately notice the difference. Soap should clean you, not dry you out.

And well…things grew from there. I started making bath bombs, lotions, body butters, etc., and the product line just grew.

In June of 2017, we opened our retail shop in LaPorte, Indiana. It was a great place to start, but parking was a horrible issue. The more clients we acquired, the bigger an issue parking became. To our surprise and ultimate delight, the owner of Therapeutic Healing Hands approached me. She was buying a building in town and offered me a great space with them that had plenty of parking.

So as of today, January 11, 2018, our entire shop is in storage as we await a move-in date. The building is undergoing extensive renovations, and it just takes time. This short break hasn’t been a horrible thing. It has afforded us the time to regroup, redo our website (which we desperately needed,) and let’s face it…it’s winter in Northwest Indiana. All we’d be doing right now is shoveling anyway!

So welcome to our page. We’ll announce when we will be open at the new location. Until then, thanks for stopping by!